Master the fundamentals of infrastructure finance

From April 4 to May 8, 2016

Length: 5 Weeks


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Program of the MOOC

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    Welcome to this new generation MOOC. Master the fundamentals of infrastructure finance thanks to a gamified approach to a top-quality content.

  • Gamification

    Get ready for this adventure in which you will have to win challenges, pass levels (and complete the course?). From an intern to the top position in an international company, you will learn about the topic itself while making decisions, taking actions and taking on more responsibilities.


    Discover the rules of the MOOC: how to play? How to pass levels? How to take challenges? How to earn a certificate? This level offers the opportunity to be familiar with the nuts and bolts of the MOOC from the technical standpoint. If you don’t want to get lost in the middle, read it carefully.


    Get an overview about infrastructure finance: what is it? This is an introductory chapter on infrastructure finance. This chapter has an ambition: give you the basics and fundamental building blocks that will solidify the foundations of your knowledge. Going forward, as you move down the road of the mooc, you’ll realize how important it was to acquire this knowledge.


    See how Infrastructure financed is abroad
    This chapter deepens a bit more on infrastructure finance and gives you a global perspective: how infrastructure used to be funded in various jurisdictions and how this evolved over time. This chapter helps you to put into a different light and shape the diverse infrastructure finance techniques.


    Learn the motivations behind a privately financed project (project finance) in infrastructure. This chapter focuses on privately financed projects. The way some projects got undertaken and funded has a lot to do with their essentiality and sector. Here you will see in deep detail how we structure and help raise money for a privately funded infrastructure.


    Learn the motivations behind a mixed funded project (involving public and private sectors alike). When mixing private and public funding, the situation is different and the stakes as well. In this chapter we explore an alternative way to fund project in involving the public sector. Again, in a detailed fashion, the partnership between the public and private sector is described and its implications measured.


    Share and discuss about your new learning experience in this MOOC. This chapter is about sharing your experience in the MOOC, the pluses and minuses, how things could have been done better and also what was great for you and what it brought you. Sharing between participants will enhance the debate and allow the MOOC to improve even more.

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Patrick DAGUET

Has spent more than 15 years in the project finance sector as an investment officer and a senior structurer/underwriter working for investment funds. In this capacity, he held an Independent Directorship status on UK-based project companies involved in transport.

Patrick also accumulated a long-standing (10+ years) experience in Fund Management of alternative assets, private equity and project finance. Expert in structuring, assessment and remediation of risks associated with complex project finance transactions, public-private partnerships and PFI-based transactions, he dealt with issues from an equity provider standpoint.

Since 2011, Patrick is CEO of Sharklets, a consultancy business active in the area of project/structured finance which he owns. He shares his time between consulting and teaching at IESEG School of Management as Professor of Finance.

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 Patrick Daguet


→ The MOOC is now closed ←